…for the Gospel to Reach and Restore us ALL.

We are being restored, and helping others to be restored, from the brokenness of sin in our lives, to the life God has for us, trusting the Gospel of Jesus.


Welcome to the E Free web site! we are continuing to update and add to this site. If you see something that should be added or changed please let us know (churchefree@gmail.com).

Some exciting news! We have moved into our new building. Our new address is 1370 E Bridge Street (right next to Pizza Ranch). Our service time has changed to 9:30am in consideration of our new neighbors. Come and celebrate Jesus with us!

Welcome Video

Our first service in the new building – August 13, 2017. See “Building Update” for more pictures.

Weekly Events

Celebration Service 9:30am.
7pm Revival (call to see if on)             Mondays:
Tuesdays:4:45-5:45pm Body & Soul Every 3rd Tuesday is Ruby’s Pantry at the Armory from 3-6:30pm
Wednesdays: Men’s Small Group 6-730pm (will skip July 4th)
Thursdays: 6am Thursday Morning Men’s Group
4:45-5:45pm Body & Soul

**Sunday, July 1st Farewell Coffee for Brian and Julie Swedburg.
**Sunday, July 15th Coffee and Conversation after the service.
**Monday, July 16th and Tuesday, July 17th is Blood Mobile
**Tuesday, July 24th is Sisterhood for women from 930-11am.


I was a sophomore in High School who felt trapped in a life that everyone else had some control of, but not me.  My parents were a mess, we moved to Connecticut (of all places), and school sucked. I felt like the pinball in everyone else’s game.

Then I was invited to a youth group… and God used new people and a strange new environment to give me eyes to see that my parents and teachers and peers were not the only people directing life… and God used music and the Bible to give me ears to hear Him speak in the Bible and in prayer. All of it was very new to me.  I didn’t have any idea how things worked at a church, but Jesus made it clear that He was more than a story, or just history, but that He had risen as Lord of all things, including me.

As I began to get to know Him (through the Bible, and His people in that little church) I was stunned that God made me for Himself, and that He came to die on the cross to buy me back from my own foolishness and stupidity and hurt, because He loves us. All the people and things that seemed to have control of my life, did not.  The One Who rose from the grave had control of all things, including my life, and was present in the Holy Spirit to lead me out of my growing bitterness, sinful patterns, and blaming everyone else around me.  No one, and nothing, could keep Jesus Christ from leading and directing my life in all of His good.


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